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The Fit Shop is a high-intensity kickboxing and strength training studio that offers large and small group classes and private training (not CrossFit). Since 2014 we've operated off of the idea that our bodies need to be serviced the same way we service our cars; fueling, maintaining and repairing our "vehicles" regularly and properly, as well as aligning and balancing our minds for optimal performance.

Every day is a new journey, but the goal is always the same, to help our members perform better in their daily lives through functional training. We encourage all levels to take our classes. Our trainers have modifications for every movement programmed into every class. We are dedicated to helping you discover a healthier, stronger version of yourself.

At The Fit Shop, we believe in the power of inner strength and positive self-talk to get through any challenge. We offer a holistic approach to fitness where people can feel at home and thoroughly enjoy the energy of our amazing staff, great music, and creative exercise programming. We 'drive' into our local communities to influence the positive change, or shift, that we wish to see in the world. We come together through sweat and celebration. We never stop shifting.​




Kaisa Kerwin is certainly no newcomer to the world of fitness. Starting tae kwon do at just 4 years old and earning her black belt by age 8, she trained hard and competed harder, making it all the way to the Junior Olympics. After high school, Kaisa became a

fully-licensed Commercial Pilot, but after 6 years, she realized she wasn’t doing what she truly loved to do: teaching and helping people.


In 2009 Kaisa completely shifted gears and opened up Kaisa’s Kickboxing. For 5 years she watched her business grow and grow. When it finally outgrew its location in 2014, The Fit Shop was born, turning Kaisa’s small group of dedicated clients into a full-blown fitness community!


Creating a judgment-free, kind and inspiring environment where people can go not only to get in the best shape of their life, but to see familiar faces and feel just as important as the person next to them is Kaisa’s favorite part about this business. The energy you feel when you’re at The Fit Shop is Kaisa’s heart and soul. If you haven’t felt it, then you haven’t been here, so come check her out!



Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic forced gyms across the country to close, we have looked at our facility from a completely different perspective. While maintaining a safe and clean gym was always a priority of ours, we have made it our personal mission to make The Fit Shop Miami one of the safest and cleanest places you can go other than your own home. Our new motto? Safety first, fitness second! For FAQ about cleaning and sanitization processes, products and more, click HERE.


Our unique location offers safety advantages and workout options most other gyms simply can't...

 ✦ 3 extra large 14 ft. x 18 ft. garage bay doors & 2 emergency doors that will remain open during all operating hours 

 ✦ 4,500 sq. ft. of indoor, open-air gym space

 ✦ 22 ft. high ceilings with 2 industrial size fans to promote constant ventilation of air out of the building

 ✦ 1 disinfectant hand wipe dispenser & 1 surface disinfectant wipe dispenser per station for quick and convenient sanitization between sets

 ✦ Hand sanitizer dispensers located around the gym for added safety

 ✦ All classes operating at 25% - 40% capacity

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