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The Fit Shop
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Monday: 6:00am-11:00am & 5:00pm-7:30pm
Tuesday: 6:00am-11:00am & 5:00pm-7:30pm
Wednesday: 6:00am-11:00am & 5:00pm-7:30pm
Thursday: 6:00am-11:00am & 5:00pm-7:30pm
Friday: 6:00am-11:00am & 5:00pm-6:00pm
Saturday: 7:30am-11:30am
Sunday: 9:00am-11:30am

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At The Fit Shop, we rebuild our engine by aligning, balancing, shifting, fueling, repairing & maintaining our bodies. We 'drive' into our local communities to influence the positive change, or shift, that we wish to see in the world. We come together through sweat and celebration, we never stop shifting.

Every day is a new journey, but the goal is always the same, to help our client’s perform better in their daily lives through functional training. We encourage all levels to take our classes. Our trainers have modifications for every movement programmed into every class. We are dedicated to helping you discover a stronger version of yourself!




The Burnout

The Burnout class is a Fit Shop original. 

This nonstop, high-intensity, kickboxing class is packed with cardio and shocks from start to finish, plus plyometric core work for a total-body workout. It is sure to push you to new limits!

Tune Up

Our Tune Up class is a high-intensity strength training class that targets your full body. This class focuses highly on blending strength and conditioning together using a variety of training equipment to guarantee your body never gets used to the workout.


Supercharge is a hybrid class that combines our Tune Up and The Burnout. This class is all about increasing the power and speed of your engine. Get ready to kick your body into turbo speed in this high-intensity blend of strength training and kickboxing.

The racetrack

The Racetrack is our newest class! This is a fun cardio journey through 9 miles ( stations) that will test all your strengths. Expect to use TRX, assault bikes, ropes, bands, sleds, ski's, rowers, boss's kettlebells, weights, resistance bands, and more!



Kaisa Kerwin

founder, owner & lead trainer

Kaisa is certainly no newcomer to the world of fitness. Starting tae kwon do at just 4 years old and earning her black belt by age 8, she trained hard and competed harder, even making it all the way to the junior olympics. After high school, Kaisa became a fully licensed commercial pilot, but after 6 years, she realized she wasn’t doing what she truly loved to do: teaching and helping people.


In 2009 Kaisa completely shifted gears and opened up Kaisa’s Kickboxing. For 5 years she watched her business grow and grow. When it finally outgrew its location in 2014, The Fit Shop was born, turning Kaisa’s small group of dedicated clients into a full-blown fitness community!


Creating a judgment-free, kind and inspiring environment where people can go not only to get in the best shape of their life, but to see familiar faces and feel just as important as the person next to them is Kaisa’s favorite part about this business. The energy you feel when you’re at The Fit Shop is Kaisa’s heart and soul. If you haven’t felt it, then you haven’t been here, so come check her out!









(786) 916-6930